A Study of Purchase Intention on Smartphones of Post 90s in Hong Kong

  •  Anthony Tik-Tsuen Wong    


Nowadays, people are willing to purchase their own smartphone and they heavily rely on their smartphone. In this case, smartphones have become the daily necessity among Hong Kong people. Also, nowadays Hong Kong people always look for the new model of smartphones, the trend of changing smartphones is still very strong. The purpose of this research is to study the factors affecting the purchase intention of smartphones of post 90s in Hong Kong. After reviewing the literature, this study chose three variables to study the relationship between brand name, price and social influence and purchase intention. An online questionnaire was adopted to carry out a quantitative study of post 90s in Hong Kong. The content of the survey included demographic factors and questions based on each variable. The result of the survey shows that there are two hypotheses are support in the study. One is the relationship between brand name and purchase intention and the other is relationship between social influence and purchase intention whilst price is not a significant factor influencing purchase intention. Therefore, it is strongly believe that management of smartphone producers and traders need to pay more attention to brand name and social influence in enhancing the purchase intention among post 90s in Hong Kong.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.