The Communication Ethics of WeChat Public Platforms

  •  Ranni Zhang    
  •  Qiqi Zhong    
  •  Songping Yang    
  •  Boya Wang    


In the new media era, the information is updating each passing day. Although the official communication of college education is carried out efficiently by the platform of WeChat public account, it is interfered by its muddy information, the abuse of freedom of speech and rumors spreads. This phenomenon leads to the moral misconduct and the marginalization of the legal system. It is imperative to build the communication ethics and norms of Wechat public platform in Colleges and universities. The significance of the construction of the WeChat public platform communication theory and regulations from the perspectives of disseminating the correct orientation of public opinion is discussed in this paper, in order to improve the communication information literacy of netizens and meet the need of network supervision system, and suggest the path for exploring correlative strategy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.