Leadership Styles and Productivity

  •  Shweta Tewari    
  •  Rajashree Gujarathi    
  •  K. Maduletty    


Leadership styles in today’s world is an increasingly complex and a popular organizational dynamic to work upon. Different leadership styles are appropriate in distinct situations. If an inappropriate style is adopted by the leader, it may pose several challenges for the workers, managers and human resources departments in the planning and execution of work in an organization. Similarly, the satisfaction and performance levels of employees also depend upon the leadership styles adopted by corporate leaders. An appropriate leadership style paves way to delivering successful plans for fulfilling the long-term organizational goals. Little is however understood about which leadership style influence employees the most and how leadership behavior lead to acceptable outcomes. This paper reviews some of the current challenges in organizations which are faced by managers and the productivity levels for the same. This research statistically calculates and analyzes the leadership style of 50 respondents and which category they fall into depending upon their behavioral attributes to deal with people through a survey questionnaire of 25 questions. It further helps us conclude which leadership style is the most relevant for highest level of productivity in telecommuting employees and managers. It also gives an insight on managerial behaviors and relationship of employees and managers in a less formal organizational setup.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.