Research on Procuratorial Organs Bringing Environmental Public Interest Litigation

  •  Zheni Liang    


The procuratorial organ is a state supervisory authority and has the power of legal supervision. Giving the procuratorial organs the qualifications for public interest litigation not only has a theoretical basis but also a realistic basis, which helps to solve the problem of difficult evidence collection and high litigation costs in environmental public interest litigation. In the civil environmental public interest litigation, the procuratorate has the dual status of the plaintiff and the legal supervisor, and will not naturally conflict with each other. However, due to the special nature of environmental problems, the relevant administrative departments should be given priority to the environmental problems discovered by the procuratorial organs. Only when the environmental protection supervision departments are exercising their powers, should the procuratorial organs initiate environmental public interest litigation. For civil environmental public interest litigations that have been criminally sentenced or are in the process of criminal prosecution, the procuratorate can make full use of the evidence that has been obtained and identified.

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