Religious Identity Politics on Social Media in Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017

  •  Rahmad M. Arsyad    
  •  Muhammad Asdar A.B.    


This study aims to examine the construction of religious identity politics discourse on Facebook and Twitter social media platforms on the 2017 Jakarta governor election. The researcher uses a constructive perspective by Paul C. Stern who views the use of identity politics as a construction formed from collaboration between the community and the political elite in creating tension and new conflicts in the country. The research methodology used focuses on the discourse of religious identity politics on social media (Facebook and Twitter) is a critical discourse analysis by Teun A Van Dijk. The results of this study revealed the construction of religious identity politics which was adopted in the form of symbolic power "Muslim Governor for Jakarta" as a form of reproduction of the majority discourse of privileges on minority groups.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.