A Study on the Application and Residues of Plant Growth Regulators in the Fruit Sugarcane Grown in the Sub-Suitable Region

  •  Jiaju Lu    
  •  Chaoyun Lei    
  •  Lansong Zha    
  •  Xiaolang Li    
  •  Jing Fang    
  •  Wei Zhuang    


In this paper, we used plant growth regulators, such as gibberellin and ethephon to treat fruit sugarcane Qiantang
5 respectively. The results show that the spraying of gibberellin on the plants with its concentration of
30g/year.667m2 has positive effects on most agronomic characters, such as growth speed, plant height, valid
stalks, brix, sucrose content and yield. The residue of gibberellin is 0.05mg/kg. However, ethephon has no
positive effects on agronomic characters except the growth speed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.