Study on the Collaborative and Interactive Development of the Primary Industry and the Tertiary Industry: Empirical Analysis of the Example of Dujiangyan City

  •  Fuhui Yan    
  •  Qizhi Yang    


The industry structure is very important for the economic growth of one country or region, and largely influences
the economic boom and future development degree of this country or region. In some regions, because of the
resource gift, only two industries are mainly developed in the industry structure, and there are few researches
about the interactive development of these two industries. Taking the city of Dujiangyan as the example, the
quantity economic model is established in this article, and the regional economic development mode giving
priority to the primary industry and the tertiary industry is discussed, which could be used as references for the
economic development of same regions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.