The Evaluation of Comprehensive Traits of Sugarcanes Cultivated in and Introduced by Guizhou Province with Grey Relation Degree Analysis

  •  Jiaju Lu    
  •  Lansong Zha    
  •  Yicheng Zhang    


This paper evaluates the 7 kinds of comprehensive trait of 19 varieties of sugarcanes cultivated in Guizhou
Province and introduced from other areas with grey relation degree analysis. The results show that Qiantang 4,
QY07-01 and ROC 21 are the best sugarcanes with excellent characters; Qiantang 3 and Qiantang 5 are better
ones similar to CK F134; QY07-02, Guitang 11, Yunzhe 03-422 and QY07-03 are poor ones that are unfit to be
used as sugarcane and fruit sugarcane, but might be reserved in species resources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.