Gompertz and Logistic Models to the Productive Traits of Sunn Hemp

  •  Cláudia Bem    
  •  Alberto Cargnelutti Filho    
  •  Gabriela Chaves    
  •  Jéssica Kleinpaul    
  •  Rafael Pezzini    
  •  André Lavezo    


Studies on growth models for productive character of sunn hemp are important to know the behavior of the culture. Therefore, the objective of this research was to adjust non-linear models, Gompertz and Logistic, in the description of productive traits of sunn hemp in two sowing periods. Two uniformity trials were performed. The evaluations began on October the 29th 2014 and December the 16th 2014, totaling 94 and 76 evaluation days for periods 1 and 2, respectively. After the emergence of the seeds of sunn hemp, for first period from 7 days after sowing, and from 2 to 13 days after sowing, on each day, they were collected randomly four plants. The traits: fresh matter leaf, stem, root, shoot, and total, and dry matter leaf, stem, root, shoot, and total. For both models the confidence interval was calculated of parameters a, b and c. The adjustment quality of the Gompertz and Logistic models was verified by the determination coefficient, the Akaike information criteria, residual standard deviation, mean absolute deviation, mean absolute percentage error and mean prediction error. The Gompertz model when compared between the sowing periods through the confidence interval of the parameters, for the productive traits, differs. The same result was found for the Logistic model. The growth models of Gompertz and Logistic presented good adjustment quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.