Optimization Design and Simulation for Pricking Mechanism of Off-Centre Embedded Seed Metering Device

  •  Mutong Li    
  •  Fujun Zhou    
  •  Tianyu Li    
  •  Yuan Wei    


In order to improve the quality of pricking hole and reduce throwing soil as merering the field, this paper presents a method of off-centre embedded pricking mechanism operation. Established a mathematical model of pricking hole mechanism, preparation of computer aided analysis platform by using VB software, and the simulation effects are buried and the effects of the eccentricity, rocker arm length, pricking hole connected with the handle, the swing rod length, length the pricking hole angle and swing arm and the connecting rod handle parameters related to the initial position. One group of optimization parameters: radial eccentricity 50mm, pricking hole arm length 220 mm, connecting handle length 135 mm, pendulum length 120 mm, pricking hole arm and the connecting handle 55 degree angle, pendulum hinge rotation center end and rocker wire length 130 mm, connecting with the horizontal angle of 5 degrees. Through the verification, pricking hole mechanism after optimization has been a significant improvement in reducing throwed soil problems and improve the pricking quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.