Molecular Characterization and Evolutionary Analysis of Alpha-gliadin Genes from Eremopyrum bonaepartis (Triticeae)

  •  Guangrong Li    
  •  Tao Zhang    
  •  Yirong Ban    
  •  Zujun Yang    


Total 16 ?-gliadin gene sequences ranged from 1186 to 1316bp were isolated from Eremopyrum bonaepartis by
PCR based strategy. Analysis of deduced amino acid sequences indicated that 8 of 16 sequences displayed the
typical structure of ?-gliadin genes with six cysteine residues, while the other 8 sequences contained in-frame
stop codon, and were therefore pseudogenes. Phylogenetic analysis based on the variation of ?-gliadin gene
sequences indicated that the F genome of E. bonaepartis was apparently differed from the A, B and D genomes
of wheat. Four peptides, Glia-?, Glia-?2, Glia-?9 and Glia-?20, which have been identified as T cell stimulatory
epitopes in celiac disease (CD) patients through binding to HLA-DQ2/8, were searched to the E. bonaepartis
?-gliadin gene sequences. We firstly found that only Glia-? existed in 7 of 8 full sequences, the fact suggesting
that the occurrence of the stimulatory epitopes in ?-gliadin genes was newly evolved in wheat.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.