Indicators of Food Security in Various Economies of World

  •  Jolly Masih    
  •  Amita Sharma    
  •  Leena Patel    
  •  Shruthi Gade    


Food security was a complex sustainable development issue, linked to health and nutrition. It was essential for sustainable economic development, environment, and trade. Many countries were facing food shortages and food distribution problems. This resulted in chronic and often widespread hunger in masses. All nations worldwide, including developed, developing and underdeveloped nations were taking initiatives at micro as well as at macro level to ensure food security. Food security was a complex condition and it had four dimensions – availability, access, utilization and stability. These dimensions were better understood when presented through a suite of indicators. The indicators of food security were analysed and it was found that climate change, government policies and interventions were the most challenging areas. The study was based on 150 research papers related to food security issue in underdeveloped, developing and developed nations. The research tried to embrace discussions related to food security across the globe into a single composition. The study has unveiled the important keywords related to indicators of food security like globalization, government policies and interventions, production technique, human development, PDS, hunger and poverty, hunger and malnutrition, farming technique, climate change, agriculture production, urbanization, health and human development, women empowerment, value chain policy, health and malnutrition etc. which would help policy makers to understand different issues related to policy making in a better way.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.