An Analysis on Total Factor Productivity and Influencing Factors of Soybean in China

  •  Mingming Liu    
  •  Dongmei Li    


To investigate the characteristics of total factor productivity and its influencing factors in china’s soybean.
Cobb-Douglas production function model is used in this study. The data is based on the period from 1990 to
2007, and C-D production function is applied twicely. The results of this study indicate that total factor
productivity grows at 0.42% annually, the changes fluctuate apparently. Through analysis, the pattern of
cultivation, imports and exports policy and technical achievement may contribute to the fluctuation of total
factor productivity in China’s soybean. Finally, the study proposes some approaches and policy implications so
as to increase the production of soybean.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.