Gametoclonal and Somaclonal Variation among Head Cabbage Androgenic Lines of R1 and R2 Generations Obtained from Jaguar F1 Hybrid

  •  Piotr Kaminski    


Head cabbage androgenic genotypes of R1 and R2 generations derived from Jaguar F1 donor hybrid were
evaluated according to their agroeconomical characters, ability for generative propagation, self-incompatibility,
intraline uniformity and stability of morphological characters. Most of R1 and R2 genotypes had desired
morphological characters. However, in R1 generation 21 lines showed lack of internal uniformity probably due to
the somaclonal variation. Genotypes of R1 and R2 generation from different embryos were more diversified than
genotypes derived from the same embryo according to self-incompatibility, ability for seed setting, vegetative
period, head shape, internal sump length and mass of head. Rigid selection of androgenic material at R0, R1 and
R2 pedigree according to absence of somaclonal variation, agroeconomical traits, self-compatibility and seed
setting ability seemed to be crucial for the deriving stable and suitable for the breeding genotypes of head

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