Effects of Multi-enzyme Feed Additive “Kemzyme” or/and Sodium Bentonite “as a Feed Binder”on Sexual Activity and Some Fertility Parameters of Rabbit Bucks

  •  Sohair Saleh    
  •  Kamal A. Attia    
  •  Manal A. Fouad    
  •  Maaly M. Nassar    


The present study was conducted to clarify the effect of Kemzyme or Bentonite and their mix as feed additives
on the main semen characteristics, testicular enzyme markers, plasma testosterone level and fertility indices of
bucks. Twenty four mature NZW rabbit bucks of about 4-month age and average body weight 2.400 kg were
equally divided into four groups (6 in each). The first group was kept untreated (C). The second group (K) was
supplemented with 0.1% “Kemzyme”, a multi-enzyme. The third group (B) was supplemented with 2% sodium
bentonite while the fourth group (KB) was supplemented with Kemzyme plus bentonite. The dietary treatment
lasted for 10 weeks to cover a complete spermatogenic cycle. Results obtained revealed better sexual activity and
higher libido of (K) and (KB) bucks. Besides, significant improvement in their different semen parameters,
blood testosterone level, seminal total lipids concentration and the activities of different seminal enzymes. Such
improvement was complementary to the higher fertility indices that also noticed on bucks of the same groups.
Practically, it could be considered that (K) supplementation is a good reproductive promotant tool in the field of
rabbit production.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.