Screw Conveyors Power and Throughput Analysis during Horizontal Handling of Paddy Grains

  •  Hemad Zareiforoush    
  •  Mohammad Komarizadeh    
  •  Mohammad Alizadeh    
  •  Mahdi Masoomi    


The tests reported in this research were conducted to determine the effects of those parameters believed to have the
greatest influence upon horizontal screw conveyors throughput capacity and power requirement when handling
paddy grains. Two screw conveyors with diameters of 20 and 25 cm were evaluated at four screw clearances (6, 9,
12 and 15 mm) and five screw rotational speeds (200, 300, 400,500 and 600 rpm). The results revealed that for
both the conveyors tested, with increasing the screw rotational speed, the conveyor capacity increased and
reached to a maximum point and after the point, the volumetric capacity decreased. Increasing the screw speed
caused the volumetric efficiency and power requirements of the conveyors to be decreased and increased,
respectively. The throughput capacity and power requirement of the conveyors increased (P<0.01) with increasing
the auger dimensions. As the screw clearance increased, the throughput capacity and power requirement of the
conveyors decreased (P<0.01).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.