Effect of New Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers in a Commercial Vineyard

  •  Thomas Thomidis    
  •  Nikitas Karagiannidis    
  •  Constantinos Karagiannidis    


In this study the effectiveness of the environmentally friendly fertilizers AXION RED, BIO.L.A and QUATTRO to improve soil fertility and the nutrition status of vines was examined. Application of above three fertilizers increased significantly the level of organic matter, K, P, Mn and Fe in soil. AXION RED also improved the concentration of Ζn, Β, and Cu. Tissue analyses showed that the leaf P content was significantly increased in the vines treated with the fertilizers in comparison to control in 2012. The fertilizer QUATTRO increased the leaf concentrations of Fe and Mn contents in 2012. It was found that the fertilizer BIO.L.A significantly increased the leaf N content, while the fertilizer QUATTRO increased the leaf B content in 2013. Although there was no statistically difference, the leaf P, K and Fe contents were increased in vines treated with each one of the fertilizers tested.The results also showed that all fertilizers increased the fruit N content in comparison to control. The percentage of fruit rot was significantly higher on bunches treated with each one of the fertilizers tested than the untreated control. Finally, the results of this study showed that only the fertilizer QUATTRO significantly increased the bunch weight in 2012.

Generally, the above fertilizers improved the nutrition status of vine plants and also improved the soil fertility. However, the increased fruit N content in the grapes treated with each one of the fertilizers increased the susceptibility of fruits to pathogens causing fruit rots and therefore growers should consider its use carefully.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.