Combining ability studies for development of new hybrids in rice over environments

  •  P. Saidaiah    
  •  S. Sudheer kumar    
  •  M.S. Ramesha    


Combining ability study on grain yield and its components from line x tester analysis over the locations of five
well adapted CMS lines and twenty three testers of different eco-geographic origin revealed higher SCA variance
than GCA variance for all the traits indicating the prevalence of non-additive gene action. The lines APMS 6A,
PUSA 5A and CRMS 32A and testers 1096, 1005, IBL-57 and SC5 9-3 were the good general combiners for
yield and its majority of the traits. IBL-57 was the only good general combiner among the male parents for
earliness, dwarfness and grain yield per plant. The hybrids APMS 6A x SC5 9-3, APMS 6A x 1005 and APMS
6A x GQ 25 were identified as potential one for yield and desired traits based on sca effects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.