Wheat Production in India: Technologies to Face Future Challenges

  •  Rajbir Yadav    
  •  S S Singh    
  •  Neelu Jain    
  •  Gyanendra Singh    
  •  KV Prabhu    


To meet the growing demands under the constrains of depleting natural resources, environmental fluctuation and
increased risk of epidemic outbreak, the task of increasing wheat production has become daunting. The euphoria
generated by first green revolution is very quickly subsiding and the second generation problems are becoming
more intense with each passing year. The factors responsible for first green revolution seem to be exhausting
rapidly and there is immediate need to develop the technologies which can not only increase the wheat
production but also sustain at higher level without adversely affecting the natural resources. More investment on
germplasm improvement, conservation agriculture including breeding for varieties adaptive to conservation
agriculture, hybrid wheats, broadening the genetic base of the varieties at farmers level, wide scale utilization of
alien translocations in the breeding programme along with integration of marker assisted selection and other
innovative approaches with traditional breeding methods are some of the technologies which can yield dividend
in the coming years.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.