Fundamental Differences between Perennial Wall Rocket and Annual Garden Rocket Influence the Commercial Year-Round Supply of These Crops

  •  Matthew Hall    
  •  Jenny Jobling    
  •  Gordon Rogers    


Perennial wall rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia [L.] DC.) and annual garden rocket (Eruca sativa Mill.) are cultivated around the world as salad crops and as an ingredient of condiments. From a botanical perspective these species are classified in the Rapa/Oleracea linage, which is consistent with their similar morphological characteristics, chromosomal number and the diversity of glucosinolates. It is understandable that these species have been informally grouped together for convenience. However, the evaluation of a wide range of factors over a typical production cycle has clearly illustrated that these species should be considered distinct crops from a commercial perspective. We will demonstrate with examples why these species should be managed differently and considered commercially distinct crops.

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