Influence of Soil Type, Sowing Date and Diluted Seawater Irrigation on Seed Germination, Vegetation and Chemical Constituents of Moringa oleifera, Lam.

  •  M. A. Hegazi    


Two pot trials were conducted during the period of February 15 – October 15 of 2012 and 2013 seasons at two different locations, to evaluate the effect of soil type, sowing date and diluted seawater irrigation on: germination percentage in the first trial and on both plant vegetation and leaves chemical constituents of moringa (Moringa oleifera, Lam.) in the second one. The results showed that, generally, Kafr El-Sheikh area (Agricultural area where clayey soil and Nile River water is available) outperformed Balteem area (coastal area where soil is silty clay and seawater is available) in most studied characters. Lowest seawater ratios in Moringa oleifera irrigation water gave the best results for germination %, growth characters and some chemical and mineral contents as total green color, leaf protein, total carbohydrates, nitrogen, potassium, calcium and magnessium whereas, the highest ratios gave the best results for phosphorus and sodium contents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.