Photosynthetic Performance of Guaranazeiro Plants as Affected by Glyphosate Application

  •  Bruna N. Leite    
  •  Karla Gabrielle D. Pinto    
  •  Victor Alexandre H. F. dos Santos    
  •  Marciel J. Ferreira    
  •  Sônia Maria F. Albertino    


The unsuitable use of herbicides damages many cultures. In cases of high infestations and presence of aggressive weed species in guarana (Paullinia cupana) culture, glyphosate application is advisable, but its impact on guarana physiology is unknown. Therefore, leaf photosynthetic characteristics were measured with the aim of identifying if the photosynthetic performance of guaranazeiro plants is affected in response to glyphosate application. Three glyphosate doses (0 (control); 324 and 432 g a.i. ha-1) were applied to two guaranazeiro cultivars (BRS-Andirá and BRS-Maués) selected on the basis of productive performance. An analysis was made of the effects of these doses on characteristics that represent the photosynthetic process: gas exchange, maximum quantum efficiency of PSII, performance index and chlorophyll content. The application of glyphosate did not affect the short-term responses relative chlorophyll content (SPAD index) and light use (chlorophyll a fluorescence). After 168 h, there were changes only in gas exchange variables. The effects of glyphosate doses on gas exchange was different between guaranazeiro cultivars. The photosynthetic performance of the guaranazeiro seems to be tolerant to the effects of short-term of glyphosate application.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.