Kamafugite From the Alto Paranaíba Province as a Multi-nutrient Fertilizer

  •  Bárbara Campos Ferreira    
  •  Camila de Andrade Carvalho Gualberto    
  •  Georgy Faroutine    
  •  Hamilton Seron Pereira    
  •  Gaspar Henrique Korndörfer    
  •  Eduardo Spolidorio    
  •  Luiz Carlos Clerot    


The study evaluated the potential agricultural use of kamafugite as a multi-nutrient fertilizer in the cultivation of Urochloa brizantha. Two experiments were carried out under greenhouse conditions, one using a Ferralsol and the other an Arenosol. The experimental design was a randomized block with four replicates, in a factorial scheme 4 × 2 + 2, comprising four doses of kamafugite (1667, 3334, 6668, and 13336 mg dm-3), two product forms (filler and powder), and two additional treatments, TSF + KCl and a control treatment without K2O and P2O5 application. The sources were incubated for 60 days on two soil types and, after the incubation period, Urochloa brizantha plants were grown and two consecutive cuts were performed. The kamafugite was efficient in increasing plant dry mass and the levels of P, K, Ca, and Mg accumulated in plants, mainly in the 2nd Urochloa brizantha crop. The granulometry filler was more efficient in the sandy soil and the form powder in the clayey soil. Kamafugite can be used as an alternative source of nutrients for the Urochloa brizantha crop, being a low-cost and a potential source to improve tropical soil fertility over time.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.