Knowledge and Perception of Nanotechnology Among Students of Agricultural Faculties’ in Jordan

  •  Mohammad AlTarawneh    


This study investigated Knowledge and Perception of Nanotechnology among Students of Agricultural Faculties’ in Jordan. The research was based on distributing a questionnaire. This study collected data from 485 respondents, of which 410 were analyzed. The results revealed that a very significant finding that the majority of the investigated students (45%) have already heard the word ‘nanotechnology’, though (72%) of those (45%) do not know about nanotechnology very well. The results of the present study indicated that students have basic or no enough knowledge about nanotechnology. The results also showed that students were with a very superficial knowledge of Nanotechnology. Moreover, none of the examined variables has no significant effect on the perception toward nanotechnology. Even though it is expected that students with higher years of study could show more expertise and acquire more developed topics such as the Nanotechnology concept, the students showed similar knowledge of Nanotechnology regardless of their year in study. The study recommends that the Jordanian educational policymakers in higher education should consider the inclusion of the Nanotechnology concept in the curricula of the different academic courses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.