Supply Chain Management of Biomass for Energy Generation: A Critical Analysis of Main Trends

  •  Luís Oscar Silva Martins    
  •  Roberto Antônio Fortuna Carneiro    
  •  Ednildo Andrade Torres    
  •  Marcelo Santana Silva    
  •  Eleni Iacovidou    
  •  Fábio Matos Fernades    
  •  Gaudêncio Mendonça Freires    


The increasing need of decarbonising energy intensive processes has risen the demand for biomass. Biomass production, distribution and use for energy generation involve several supply chain systems of which understanding requires a comprehensive analysis of the biomass supply chain management. The present article maps the volume and diversity of research carried out in the production and management of biomass supply chains for energy generation. It critically evaluates how well studies have captured multidimensional issues pertaining the supply chain management of biomass used for energy production and identifies future research trends in this field. The VOSviewer (Center for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands) and SciMat (University of Granada, Spain) tools are employed for the construction of scientific maps that demonstrate the evolution of research in the biomass supply chain management area for energy production. The results revealed that research on the biomass supply chain for power generation is booming, especially in the United States, England and Italy. However, in developing nations such as Brazil, India and China, studies are still at an infant stage. There is a rising concern about the emerging new trends related to biomass supply chain management for energy generation, especially if clean energy aims to be a prominent place in the global energy matrix.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.