Do Socioeconomic Factors Matter in Acreage Owned and Acreage Farmed by Small Livestock Producers in Alabama?

  •  David Nii O. Tackie    
  •  Jannette R. Bartlett    
  •  Nicole I. Nunoo    


Socioeconomic factors could affect acreage owned and acreage farmed by small producers. However, there is limited research on the issue in the Southeastern U.S., for example, Alabama. Thus, this study examined the impact of socioeconomic factors on acreage owned and acreage farmed by small livestock producers in Alabama. The data were collected from a convenience sample of producers from several counties in Alabama, and analyzed using descriptive statistics and ordinal logistic regression analysis. The results showed that a majority had farming experience of more than 30 years, but had livestock farming experience of less than 30 years. Also, a little over half owned over 60 acres of land, and a majority (58%) farmed over 60 acres. The ordinal logistic regression analyses showed that, of the socioeconomic factors, only age and education had statistically significant effects on acreage owned and acreage farmed. The findings suggest that socioeconomic factors, specifically, age and education, are important to farm size in the study area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.