Reliability and Validity of the Second Edition of Self-Evaluated Soccer Performance Score

  •  Takahiro Kawada    
  •  Hitomi Takeuchi    
  •  Miyo Nakade    
  •  Fujiko Tsuji    
  •  Akira Tamai    
  •  Hiroyuki Mizuno    
  •  Tetsuo Harada    


This study aims, first, to make the second edition of the self-evaluation of soccer performance scores which was edited based on the first version of the soccer performance scores (Kawada et al., 2016), and second, to examine the reliability and validity of the second version. Each of 16 questions was evaluated by one professional soccer coach who had an university assistant professor with A-class license for soccer supervisor which was officially given by Union for European Football Association (UEFA), a university soccer team coach and a university soccer team general manager. This second edition which was newly evaluated was administered to 111 university soccer club players who included starting members in the first class (A) team in December 2015. One hundred and eight answers (97.8%) of 111 ones were used for the statistical analysis. After the validation analysis, this second edition can be estimated to be valuable for evaluating a valuable soccer performance scores.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.