The Questionnaire of Marital Conflicts: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

  •  Alireza Boostanipoor    
  •  Bagher Sanai Zaker    


The family provides a healthy context for growth and reform. The function of the family is to support the character formation of its members while creating among them the sense of belonging. There have always been several views about the family with healthy and unhealthy functions. What is present in all these views is that a healthy family is a family in which the spouses are in a healthy and effective relationship. However, most of the couples who attend counseling centers state that their main problems are relationship problems and conflicts. So, there have been always necessary to have a tool for measuring the concept of conflict and its dimensions in every cultural context. To meet this need, the questionnaire of marital conflict has been provided which primary from involves 42 questions in 7 subscales; which, in the present research, it has been tried, to evaluate another one of the main dimensions of marital conflict, decreased effective contact, by adding 12 questions to the primary questionnaire. Then, on its confirmatory factor analysis, the present questionnaire was filled out by 270 participants. The results are indicative of optimal psychometric properties (α=0.96), and accepted clinical and scholarly applications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.