Impact of Media on Development of Eating Disorders in Young Females of Pakistan

  •  Zain-Ul- Abideen    
  •  Abdul Latif    
  •  Shanza Khan    
  •  Waqas Farooq    


This study examines the impact of media on development of eating disorders in young females of Pakistan by
analyzing eating disorder, weight-related issues and critically evaluating the factors, which lead to the eating
disorder in females. Based on study, it is suggested that the occurrence of eating disorders and the number of
young females who employ weight loss endeavors are increasing at an alarming rate. Efforts directed toward the
impediment of eating disorders are needed to invalidate this tendency. Suggestions for future research include
standardization of procedure. An empirical base to support the use of proposed factors; more sustained, stepwise
research analyzing the eating disorder in females and rigorous programs that have sufficiently large sample sizes
and lengthy follow-up periods to detect effects, will be more informative. Recommendations are proposed for
health care providers and marketers to help prevent both chubbiness and eating disorders among young females.
These recommendations put great emphasis on the importance of helping young females and their families, for a
sustained behavioral change.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.