A Comparison of the Reading Motivation and Reading Attitude of Students with Dyslexia and Students without Dyslexia in the Elementary Schools in Ilam, Iran

  •  Zeinab, Mihandoost    
  •  Habibah Elias    
  •  Prof. Sharifah    
  •  Rosnaini, Mahmud    


The purpose of this research is to compare reading motivation and reading attitude of students with dyslexia and
students without dyslexia. The population of the study included 138 students with dyslexia studying in
elementary schools in Ilam, Iran. Within this population, the researcher randomly selected 30 students for the
pilot study. The remaining 108 dyslexic students were selected as the sample size but only 80 students with
dyslexia participated in this study as the parents of the other and 28 parents’ of students with dyslexia did not
allowed their children to participate. The researcher also selected 80 normal students who had been homogenized
and compared using the attitude and motivation scales. The reliability of the reading motivation and reading
attitude scales was confirmed. The content validity of the scales was investigated using the judgment of 10
psychology experts. The analysis of the findings through independent t-test showed a significant difference
between the students with dyslexia and the students without dyslexia at ?<0.000.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.