Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: A Factor Analysis Based Causality Approach

  •  Altaf Hossain    
  •  Suman Biswas    
  •  Md. Nasif Hossain    
  •  Arnab Kumar Poddar    


To understand the finance-growth nexus, this paper is intended to find a fewer number of important financial factors using Factor Analysis on some selected indicators of Bangladesh financial sector during the period 1988-2013. This paper then tries to check whether the identified financial factors cause economic growth or economic growth causes financial factors using the Granger – Causality test. Factor Analysis shows that financial indicators under the dimensions, depth and stability form Factor 1, and the indicators under the dimensions, use/access and efficiency form Factor 2. Being consistent with economic sense, Granger – Causality test shows that no financial factor significantly causes economic growth; rather economic growth causes “depth/stability” (‘private credit + capitalization’ /non-performing loan) factor of financial sector during the period. In summary, on average, financial sector of Bangladesh is being unstably (being increased non-performing loan) deepened with response to the demand of economic growth since 1988.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.