Analysis on Efficiency and Its Influence Factors of Financial Support for Listed Companies of Guangdong New Energy Industry

  •  Jixiang Liu    
  •  Hongyan Liao    


The development of Guangdong new energy industry plays an important role in promoting the current process of economic restructuring in Guangdong province. As the core of modern economy, the financial system also has an important impact on the development of the new energy industry. This paper mainly employs DEA method to measure the efficiency of financial support of the new energy industry in Guangdong Province, and takes it as a core to establish an influence-factor model of financial support efficiency. Through empirical analysis, we can find the stability of Guangdong new energy industry insufficient; on the condition of indirect financing power shortage, the direct financing makes the flow of capital available, thus showing a more positive impact on the efficiency of financial support. According to the results, we should broaden the direct financing way of the new energy industry in Guangdong Province, reduce bank credit financing costs, promote diversified development of financial services, and improve the ability of the new energy industry against market risks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.