Research on New Energy and Traditional Energy Based on SPSS

  •  Yue Liu    
  •  Jingqiu Wu    


In China, the main profit of the energy industry is traditional energy sources, the proportion of traditional energy companies take on a high number. However, China has been putting forward green economy, with strongly support of national policy, the new energy enterprises emerge in an endlessly stream, the businesses involved in new energy economy profit a lot and that everyone is better off, which leads to a relatively strong upward tendency for new energy stocks. Therefore, based on such a fierce competition in the energy industry, it is necessary to know if the relevance of the new energy stock and traditional energy stock is positive or negative. This thesis is based on a combination of correlation analysis and regression analysis, analyze the correlation of new energy stock and traditional energy stock, and the sub-sectors of new energy, do research on stock investment strategy through the analysis of convergence. We firstly use SPSS to carry out correlation analysis on stock price, quantitatively illustrate the relationship between the two kinds of stocks, and then calculate the correlation coefficient, determine its correlation strength, at last linear regression analysis by SPSS, and summarize a functional relationship for the stock.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.