The Use of the VEC Model to Study the Impact of the Third Party Payment on the Interest Market in China

  •  Yaqian Pan    
  •  Shubing Li    
  •  Xinxin Chen    
  •  Shiqi Yu    
  •  Lijuan Yu    


This paper aims to study the effects of cross section of Internet finance and mobile payment on the Internet financial deepening and the interest rate liberalization. Because more than 50% of online payment is completed by way of mobile payments and financial products in Internet finance also have such two ways as online transactions and mobile client transactions, the interest rate index on behalf of the Internet finance can be largely replaced by the return of financial products in it. The study of the relationship between return of common monetary fund in transactional Internet finance and quasi benchmark fund—SHIBOR helps to determine the effect of Internet mobile payment on Internet financial deepening and the interest rate liberalization. First, ensure the stability of time series data on SHIBOR, Yu’E Bao returns, payment of the third party with ADF test and Johansen co-integration test and then build the VEC model and perform T test and AR stationary test, then make response analysis on impulse function to describe the impact of endogenous variables. Finally, make analysis and risk prevention suggestions according to empirical results based on the market situation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.