The Effect of Promotion Strategy in the Jordanian Islamic Banks on a Number of Customers

  •  Bader Al-Sharif    
  •  Amjad Qwader    
  •  Zaher Fattah Al-Slehat    


This study aimed at recognizing the effect of promotion strategy in the Jordanian Islamic banks on a number of customers. To accomplish the objective of this study, the researcher designed a questionnaire composed of three parts. The first part designed to collect data about the sample, while the second part was designed to collect information about the attitude to deal with Islamic banks. The questionnaire was distributed for a sample of 100 dealers with Islamic banks. The researcher recovered 95% of the distributed questionnaires. The collected questionnaires were entered to statistical software (SPSS) and analyzed. The results showed that the advertisement is the most important field in promotion that should be concerned by banks to increase its customers. The study concluded that the marketing strategy in Islamic banks is practiced randomly and not concentrated on that Muslims prefer the deal with Islamic banks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.