Impact of Motivation on Productivity of Craftsmen in Construction Firms in Lagos, Nigeria

  •  Afuye Funso    
  •  Letema Sammy    
  •  Munala Gerryshom    


Motivation has been identified as a useful tool for enhancing productivity. This study aims at determining the impact of motivation on productivity of craftsmen in construction firms in Lagos, Nigeria. Sixteen motivating factors were identified through literature review common to Nigeria construction climate which were used to design questionnaire for the study. A total of 295 questionnaires were administered with 150 filled and returned. This constitute response rate of 50.85%. Productivity rating was done by work study. The mean of motivating factors was correlated with percentage productive hour observed in the sixteen sites surveyed. The outcome indicates that there is positive linear relationship between motivation and productivity. Therefore, motivation influences craftsmen performance in Nigeria construction industry. Further analysis also shows that craftsmen are basically motivated by financial incentives. The paper recommends that financial incentive should be considered for craftsmen in the industry. Moreover, alternative method to working overtime should be employed. The paper concluded that motivation strategy that will enhance productivity should be adopted for workers in the industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.