Education for Sustainability: Vision and Action of Higher Education for Sustainable Consumption

  •  Marwa Biltagy    


This paper provides the context around why transformative learning and deeper engagement in sustainability issues is important. The way of learning is critical in promoting the skills and motivation needed for sustainability challenges. Sustainability education should be included much more than other knowledge acquisition i.e. integrating a transformative, participatory learning process that matches up behavior with knowledge. This paper focuses on how higher education institutions can promote sustainable consumption. Higher education has an important role to play concerning education for sustainable consumption and the construction of a learning society. The results include innovative strategies to change curricula; to shape public opinion and national policies for sustainability; to make sure that research serves the needs of social and economic development that is sustainable and to enable students to develop their knowledge, values and skills that society will need for real progress towards sustainable consumption.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.