Interdependence between Managerial Ownership, Leverage and Firm Value: Theory and Empirical Validation

  •  Ben Said Hatem    


This paper test the interdependence between managerial ownership, debt and firm value. To this end, we examined a sample of 246 French firms over a period of 11 years is built. In addition, we use two estimation methods: simultaneous equations and data panels methods. The empirical results support the interaction between these three variables. We concluded a nonlinear relationship between insider ownership and shareholder wealth. An inverse U-shaped relationship was found between debt and managerial ownership. However, an increase in debt leads to an increase in managerial ownership. Moreover, the share capital held by managers is a significant factor in explaining debt ratio of French firms. Finally, we conclude that the disciplinary role of debt is valid only for the data panels method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.