The Influence of Capital Adequacy on Asset Quality Position of Banks in Tanzania

  •  Dickson Pastory    
  •  Marobhe Mutaju    


This paper has extensively analyzed the relationship between the capital adequacy and asset quality of commercial the banks in Tanzania. The study employed Panel secondary data from 33 banks in the period (2006-2011) and the linear Regression model was used to test for the relationship between the two variables. The findings indicate that capital adequacy has a great influence on the asset quality. The increase in capital ratios has sometimes reduced the asset quality productivity and in most cases the levels of non-performing loans and non-performing asset have been increased with the increase in capital ratios. CAEL analysis indicated the banks financial position to be stable and meet the regulatory requirements. It has been recommended that the bank of Tanzania (BOT) should foster their strength in supervision as the two categories have been viewed to be very crucial and do increase the stability of the banking system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.