Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Employee Commitment: Evidence from Libya

  •  Nagib Salem Bayoud    
  •  Marie Kavanagh    
  •  Geoff Slaughter    


Most research on corporate social responsibility disclosure (CSRD) describes its relationships with external factors such as financial performance and corporate reputation. There are relatively few studies that have focused employee’s behaviours towards CSRD. This paper examines the relationship between CSRD on employee commitment. An exploratory approach is used in this paper by this study. This study utilizes interview method to collect data from 31 financial managers and information managers of 22 organisations; Miles and Huberman (1994) approach is used to analyse the qualitative data. The researchers have chosen the Libyan context as one of the world’s developing countries that has undergone many changes over a short period of time in terms of economic, environmental and social changes. The majority view of managers interviewed is that as CSRD related to employee activities and consumer activities increases employee commitment towards its company increase. However, there is no relationship between CSRD related to environmental and employee disclosures and employee commitment in Libyan companies. The study discusses and explains important implications regarding uses of CSRD for enhancing employee’s commitment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.