Obstacles of Success of Technology Parks: The Case of Jordan

  •  Radwan Kharabsheh    
  •  Ihab Khaled Magableh    
  •  Talah S. Arabiyat    


Numerous researchers argued that the goal of many technology parks and the factors driving innovation success are still a mystery. In addition, it is argued that the problem with analyzing technology parks and cluster building is that recent studies analyze “the most celebrated case studies… to ‘explain’ their success” and ignore the less successful ones especially in developing countries. This study uses intensive interviewing to explore obstacles to success of technology parks in Jordan. It identified the following obstacles: 1. absence of a culture of entrepreneurism, 2. lack of autonomy and independence from university officials and government bureaucrats, 3. lack of a critical mass of companies that allows for synergies within parks and, 4. lack of a shared vision among parks’ stakeholders. The study also found that the education system is unable to instill a culture of entrepreneurism among graduates therefore reducing the number of entrepreneurs and start-ups in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.