The Synthesis of Grameen Bank Microfinance Approaches in Bangladesh

  •  Rafiqur Rahman    
  •  Qiang Nie    


The paper briefly described the operational mechanism innovation of key Microfinance Service Providers (MSPs) in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank has chosen to examine the approaches of microfinance. Grameen Bank is dominating microfinance market in Bangladesh in outreach, outstanding loans, savings, and efficient selected delivery mechanism. They offer micro-credit, savings and social services to the poor who were deprived from such access offered by conventional banks. Grameen Bank of Bangladesh is known worldwide for its innovative credit delivery to the rural poor. The bank offers loans to poor particularly the women in groups of five in order to create peer social pressure and solidarity which seems to work well in a society where social networks are often of vital Importance. Grameen Bank has been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of microfinance programs towards sustainable development for the rural poor in Bangladesh. The present study contributes to the literature on diverse microfinance approaches. The study may lead to further methodological improvement of the microfinance institutions in Bangladesh and elsewhere. Finally, microfinance practitioners and policy makers might gain better understanding on existing microfinance approaches in Bangladesh and can think or re-think for adaptation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.