Financing Italian Firms Throught Invoice Trading Platforms

  •  Valeria Vannoni    


The time lag between a business transaction and its payment has generated significant problems in the financial capacity of Italian firms over time. The development of technology applied to finance (FinTech) can offer a useful alternative to mitigate this problem; among the new different forms of financing, invoice trading is a recently developed technique that already shows positive signs of response from companies. This paper aims to make an empirical contribution by investigating the profile of Italian firms using invoice trading as a source of short-term funding, according to their demographics (sectors/geographical regions/lifecycle phase), financials (turnover, credit) and creditworthiness (acceptance/rejection of applications). The analysis, furthermore, draws on survey data collected among all invoice trading platforms active in Italy as of June, 2018. Results show that the number of applications is very high, even if it still corresponds to a limited success rate, due to the low creditworthiness profile of firms.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.