Research on the Issuance Mechanism and Implementation Path of Multi-Body Asset Securitization Products of China Rural Banks

  •  Lingjuan Xu    
  •  Xinyue Liu    
  •  Zhu Huailei    
  •  Sun Jing    


Asset securitization can well solve the bottleneck problem of China rural banks in supporting the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. However, a single entity will face many constraints on issuing credit asset-backed securitization products due to the small scale, short term and high credit risk of loans of rural banks. Therefore, this paper innovatively designs a credit asset-backed securitization product program jointly issued by a number of rural banks from the three aspects of asset pool construction, transaction structure design and credit enhancement, and demonstrates the feasibility of the program with an example, and the results show that the design scheme of asset securitization products is feasible and effective.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.