Impact of Internal Corporate Governance on Capital Cost in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies

  •  AbedAlwahab Mahmoud AL-Rawashdeh    


The study aims to find the impact of internal corporate governance on capital in Jordanian’s Pharmaceutical Companies .The data was collected through distributing a questionnaire to the leading positions staff in the sample companies in addition to external auditor.

The study found that there is an impact on the principles of the internal corporate governance represented by the board directors, ownership structure, internal control and disclosure (combined and sporadic) on the capital cost, where good corporate governance can reduce the capital cost in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies.

The researchers recommended paying more attention for various corporate governance elements, conducting more studies to find the impact of governance on performance and increasing the attention and promotion of rules of governance by the relevant authorities to urge companies to abide by them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.