An Analysis on Occupational Differences Regarding Preparation for Retirement: Pension Marketing Approach

  •  Young Sup Park    
  •  Sang-Bum Park    


This study examined the perception and preparation of retirement by occupational group and the expected satisfaction of retirement after economic life. This study analyze the retirement not only from policy makers’ point of view but also pension marketers’ view point. There are different pension schemes for each occupation, and each pension system is in a different situation. Since the pension system is the most basic system of economic life after retirement, it can be assumed that individual economic entities will be in different recognition and preparation states depending on which pension system they belong to. According to the results of the analysis, there are differences in the expected retirement age, expected satisfaction of retirement after economic life, readiness for retirement, and degree of responsibility of the national society for economic life after retirement. The most important factor affecting the satisfaction of the economic life after retirement is the present level of income and recognition and preparation for retirement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.