The Role of Intellectual Capital in Overcoming the Slowing Economic Growth in Indonesia

  •  Mahatma Kufepaksi    
  •  Gunawan -    


Intellectual capital is one of the important factors that play a major role in various economic activities. However, its position in overcoming economic problems in Indonesia is still not too much considered. Based on this, this study aims to describe the role of intellectual capital, especially the Human Capital dimension, in overcoming the economic slowdown in Indonesia.

The type of this research is qualitative. Research data in the form of secondary data is collected through documentation studies of data related to human capital and Indonesia’s economic growth, as well as the results of previous studies that have relevance to the topic of this study. The data is then analyzed using qualitative methods.

The results of this study are: 1) Intellectual capital has a fundamental role in overcoming the economic slowdown in Indonesia. One dimension of intellectual capital, namely human capital, can have a diverse role, both as a factor of production and as an economic policy maker, so that its existence and quality determine the success of the strategy formulation and its implementation to overcome the economic slowdown in Indonesia; and 2) The role of intellectual capital, especially human capital, can be realized if Indonesia changes its development paradigm to become more oriented towards the development of human resources quality.

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