Glaucoma Awareness and Knowledge among Jordanian People

  •  Khalid Al-Zubi    
  •  Fawaz Sarayrah    
  •  Mahmoud Al-Awaishah    


Glaucoma, a preventable condition, is the second leading reason behind blindness globally. The asymptomatic type of glaucoma is the most prevalent type, which explains the late presentation and diagnosis. The objective of the study has been developed to assess the levels of awareness about glaucoma among Jordanian people. This is a national study comprising of 511 subjects, aged 20 years and above. The participants were asked to fill the survey forms after signing the consent to the study. The results of the study revealed that 147 individuals (28.77%) were completely unaware of glaucoma, and 249 individuals (48.73%) had low level of knowledge about glaucoma. 77.5% of the subjects were either unaware or partial level of knowledge about the condition; however, they displayed an acceptable level of awareness. The outcomes among Jordanian people explained the delayed diagnosis of this blinding disease in the country. There is a need of proper educational strategies to educate Jordanian people about glaucoma.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.