A Preliminary Study on Indoor Air Quality for the Development of Risk Assessment Methods for Central Nervous System Disturbances

  •  Cheol Min Lee    
  •  Jeong Il Lee    


The present study aimed to identify the air pollutants associated with central nervous system (CNS) disturbances through a survey of indoor air pollutants and manifestation of CNS diseases, and to establish a risk assessment method and risk management measures for CNS disturbances caused by these pollutants. A patient cohort consisting of patients suffering from CNS diseases was selected and a health risk assessment was performed for fine dust (PM2.5) and 17 heavy metals/ other elements in the indoor air of the residences of survey subjects. The study results showed statistically significant differences in fine dust concentrations according to the region in which the surveys were conducted.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.