Understanding the Impact of Periodontal Status in Pre & Post-Menopausal Women with Generalized Chronic Periodontitis and Osteoporosis: A Cross Sectional Study

  •  Sameena Sultana    


Chronic periodontitis and osteoporosis are two interconnected medical issues, which usually develops complications in the general public. However, public is mostly unaware of their periodontal status. The research study has aimed to understand the impact of periodontal status among pre and post-menopausal women, suffering from periodontitis and osteoporosis. A cross-section approach has been selected for data collection. 70 patients were selected from the outpatient department of SRM dental college in Chennai. SPSS version 20 has been used for statistical analysis. Postmenopausal women have shown statistically significant poor periodontal status as compared to premenopausal women. Similarly, it has also been evaluated that osteoporosis played a progressive role among postmenopausal women for developing periodontitis. The study leads to the conclusion that pre and post-menopausal women must undergo a periodontal assessment on a monthly basis for developing outcomes related to the risk of fractures. Parameters are closely connected with the levels of calcium according to the tests and assessments.

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